Sunday, March 1, 2009

Cheyenne Mountain State Park 3.1.2009

It was a warm and mild March 1st day. Spring as come early this year and it has been great to get some early season riding in. Today we had a group of 4, me Mike, Steven and Haven. All of us had fun and Haven and Steven had a good wipe out or two. That just means we were pushing it.

At the top of the Talon Loops there is a really cool roller coster section that rips fast through a heavily wooded section of the trail and offers and string of fun jumps. At the end of the post are a couple of cool videos of Haven and Steven Ripping the section.

This section is a must to hike up and hit the the jumps once more

Steven floating off of one of the many bumps

Haven catching some nice air.

Here Comes The Crew

Me comming down the end of Cougars Shadows

Mike being Mike

Video of Steven riding smooth

Haven hitting the same section

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Herodog909 said...

Seems like you need to get some riding in soon! I'll be down hopefully in two weeks. I have a Monday off then, and can take the bus.