Sunday, December 2, 2012

Emerald Valley Backpacking trip 12.2.12

I have had a whirl wind of things going on lately and decided it would be a good time to fit in a backpacking trip to trusty old Emerald Valley. A backpacking spot about a 30 minute drive from town up Old Stage road. There is a quiet little camp spot along the creek side with a nice seating and a big fire ring with plenty of dry wood abound. IMG_3630 The trail is nice and mellow and about a 3 mile, 45 minute non stop hike.

IMG_3632 A cool little water fall not to far after you start hiking the trail into Emerald Valley.

 IMG_3635 The trail is a nice grade like this for almost the whole way. Makes for a relaxing mind numbing hike.

 IMG_3636 Fire wood is gathered and camp is established.

IMG_3638 This ole 4 season tent of Mikes now Seths is amazing in cold weather. It really stays warm when the temps drop well below freezing.

 IMG_3641 Beer was brought along and stashed in the freezing cold creek.

 IMG_3645 Not bad trail food.

 IMG_3647 I had a nice fire going and it got dark at 5:00pm so needed somthing to make staying out side bearable. I think I still went to bed around 9:00pm and slept really good.

 IMG_3653 IMG_3655 IMG_3661 Pictures from around the campsite

 IMG_3663 An old mine that you pass by.

emerald valley from Jaydude on Vimeo.

 I managed to squeeze off a few rounds of ammo as well. Shooting is such great

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